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    "I’m the best in English," - Sungyeol

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    His majesty is pleased

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    Okay. It’s cheating but this is my new account: 


    Bye! *this is the real goodbye* 

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    Because this blog was actually a personal blog and as you know I reblogged to much kpop thingy these days (NO. NOT JUST THESE DAYS ACTUALLY) I have followers that are my friends, that don’t have any interest for kpop (or already healed ehem. vasma. lol) I will deactive this account and make a new one. Goodbye theseguiltypleasure. Thank you! 

    p.s feel free to unfollow this account. I (maybe) will follow you with my new account, because I actually really love my dash right now. 

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    Hello guys! I’ll be having another giveaway for Kpop related stuffs~ I hope you’ll be interested to join in! ✿✿✿ RULES & INFO ✿✿✿

    Everyone is welcome to join! But followers will get a 50% chance to win~ Follow me for a better chance to win the giveaway! No unfollowers, please! Unfollowing is ruuuude!

    Open internationally.

    No giveaway blog please.

    Ask your parents for permission because i’ll ask your address if you win.

    You may like this post but likes do not count.

    You can reblog this as many times as you want, just don’t spam your followers.

    ✿✿✿ PRIZES ✿✿✿

    There will be two winners! The first winner will be the first one to choose from the prizes and the second winner gets the remaining prize.

    ~ INFINITE IDEA Photobook + Making DVD + Postcards + Mini Poster



    ー the first winner will only one from this three^^ the second winner will choose one from the remaining two.

    ~ Infinite Hoodie - Black/White

    ー If the first winner gets the black, the second winner will get the white. (vise versa)

    ~ Coup D’etat Mask / One of a kind mouse pad (one of YG goodies).

    ~ LeeHi 1st Album - FIRST LOVE CD + Poster / IU 3rd Repackage Album - Modern Times – Epilogue CD+2DVD

    ~ Both second and first winner will get $50 credit and they’ll be able to buy whatever they want in kpoptown !!!

    Last day to enter will be March 02 2014 (KST 11pm)

    You have a lot of time to reblog this again and again!

    The winner will be selected with a random generator. She/he has 24 hours to reply, and must be willing to be published. If you have any question, ask me here~

    Good luck and have fun!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

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    there are two kinds of people 

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    Krisyeol doing it again and again

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    Chanyeol’s little copycat

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